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Vermouth Lunga Notte


From an Umbrian indigenous grape variety
Impenetrable garnet red
Chinotto, Rosemary, Citrus Fruits, Cloves, Cinnamon, Almond, Raisins
The taste is pungent and decisive, the taste dances open with a bouquet of spices and toasts to then move on to more delicate notes of dehydrated fruit.


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The fortified guy

From a reinterpretation of a recipe from the early 1900s, our Master Infuser has created an enveloping and bittering vermouth, using 33 botanicals for flavoring. Star anise, cinnamon, wormwood, coriander, elderberry, cardamom, rose petals, quassio wood, calamus are just some of them.


The botanicals are put in maceration, after 2 months of infusion, filtration is carried out and everything is combined with the wine. At this point, sweetening and coloring are carried out in a natural way through a sugar caramelization process.

Preservatives are not used, pasteurization is not carried out, therefore, after opening, the product must be stored in the refrigerator where it maintains its characteristics for at least 6 months.



Perfect for preparing intriguing and refined aperitifs such as a classic Negroni or an American. Served neat, with an ice cube, rosemary and orange zest, it can accompany desserts such as a Tarte Tatin or Apple Strudel with hot cream.

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