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our roots

Dynamical Tradition

The history of the Briziarelli as an agricultural company begins in Umbria in the early twentieth century, thanks to the ingenuity of Pio Briziarelli: a local entrepreneur, philanthropist, and man of great ambitions. 

After having founded the Briziarelli furnaces, he chose to invest in the agriculture of the luxuriant Umbrian territory by acquiring land to cultivate arable land, olive trees, grapes, and cattle breeding. Generations later, in 2000, the choice of the family of the Montefalco area as a new project. Therefore, the Briziarelli Cellars were born. 

The wise listening of both the land and our customers guides us in our everyday activities.

 We don’t like extreme winemaking methods. Our wines are made distinctive by an elegant personality combined with cleanliness and a pleasant drink in a context where these characteristics are not to be taken for granted. 

We can find the same style in our structure, where linearity and design are perfectly integrated with the environment in a futuristic architectural project

Briziarelli family business start up
New project in Montefalco
First vineyards planting
Second vineyards planting
New cellar
Rebranding: new logo and labels

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