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our roots

More than a century of love

Cantine Briziarelli project started in Umbria in the early twentieth century, thanks to the aptitude of Pio Briziarelli: local entrepreneur, philanthropist, man of great ambitions, after having taken his first steps in clay processing, he chooses to invest in the agriculture of the luxuriant Umbrian land. He then began to grow vines and to make wine in the old family cellar in Marsciano.

In 2000, Cantine Briziarelli bought a 50 hectares estate between Bevagna and Montefalco, in the Sagrantino Docg esteemed area which in the last forty years carried forward an incredible increasing in the quality of the products and in the Sagrantino global awareness as a brand.
In 2003 Cantine Briziarelli planted the first vineyard obtaining excellent results. The winery business volume grews to the point that a further planting of vines was necessary just few years later, in 2006.In 2012 the construction of the new cellar, the one that we are able to see today, started.

Nowadays Cantine Briziarelli includes several activities with a shared vision: obtaining high quality products in the respect of the land which generously hosts us.


Briziarelli family business start up
New project in Montefalco
Planting of the first vineyards
Planting of the second vineyards
New cellar project started

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